Feeding Hermit Crabs a Healthy Diet

There are many reasons why people love to keep hermit crabs as pets. One of these is the fact that the job of feeding hermit crabs is a cakewalk. These cute creatures have a healthy appetite, and enjoy many of the things that are part of human beings’ daily diet. They are not pernickety about their food, and eat pretty much everything that their owners feed them. However, there are things like leaf litter, and decayed wood, that are mandatory health supplements for crabs, and owners should not ignore it.

Nature has its own way of taking care of the nourishment requirements of the animals in its ecosystem. When animals are removed from their natural habitats, this natural balance is tilted and they could be deprived of many of the essential nutrients they get in an effortless manner in nature. In the case of hermit crabs, rotting fruits and wood, and decaying meat are among the things they normally get in a natural environment.

Since these natural sources are removed while in captivity, the owners have to remember to add calcium supplements and carotene supplements to their diet while feeding them.

When they are allowed to choose their food themselves, they will automatically choose the things that their body needs to keep the nutritional balance. For feeding them the right way, it is essential to keep a chart of nutrients that are recommended for the crabs, and those that are not. While buying pet food from stores, the labels should be checked to make sure that the foods do not contain elements that could be harmful to them. Some examples of harmful foods are copper sulphate, ethoxyquin etc.

Rotating their feed is a good way of keeping the diet of the crabs balanced. Occasional liquid dishes are also healthy for them. Now and then they should also be entertained with tasty food that their owners eat.
Human foods suitable for hermit crabs

o Peeled grapes
o Minced spinach
o Boiled and cooled potatoes
o Chopped lettuce
o Peanut butter
o Chopped pears, apples, and coconut
o Bread, cereals, and crackers

Chopping or shredding the food is important since it is difficult for them to consume their grub in large chunks.

Sweet treats

Many of the desserts and fruits that man loves are the favored dishes of these pets also. Adding a few of these in reasonable quantities while feeding hermit crabs will satisfy their appetite requirements.

o Fruit medley
o Pears and apples
o Apples and sweet potatoes
o Apple sauce
o Apples, mangoes, and kiwi
o Mango dessert
o Guava dessert
o Papaya dessert
o Bananas with apples
o Casserole of sweet corn
o Chiquita bananas

Feeding hermit crabs the right way

An ideal type of bowl in which they can be fed is a shallow seashell. These shells contain calcium, some of which will get mixed to the feed placed in it, and will thus reach the digestive system of the crabs. While feeding hermit crabs, it is important to use dechlorinated water. Feeding shells must be of a shape that allows the crabs to easily get into it and get out of it.

These creatures are cheerful animals that provide a lot of entertainment for their owners. To be able to enjoy their full spectrum activity and to ensure a long life for them, it is important that owners should focus on feeding hermit crabs the correct way.