Important Tips For Feeding Your Horse

Most of the people owning a horse are of the opinion that equine supplements are a quick fix remedy for providing an immediate result on the health of their pony. On the other hand, an effective diet that is created by a supplement can let the animal to attend the standing of the equine elites. It is essential that high grade foods and even supplements should be provided to the animal that is continuously engaged in performances like races for at least three weeks before the competition and even during it for making sure that it can provide its peak performance. This type of feeding will also make sure that the interior damage caused mainly to the muscular tissues of the animal can be restored when it is continued even after three weeks of the event.

For making sure that the inadequacies are eliminated, the horse should be fed with nearly 50% of oats in combination with regular supplementation with about 40% of hay or grass. The remaining should be derived from barley, chaff, bran, wheat and quality supplements at all levels. Good quality grass can meet 15% of protein requirement of the animal, while poor quality food can just meet 2.5 percent of protein requirement of a performing animal.

When feeding the pony with dietary supplements, it is again, especially helpful in identifying the products that are placed in these natural supplements. Dietary fiber is one among them. An optimum level of fiber is included in vitamin supplements available in the market for horses. This will ensure good digestive function and will bring together the important nutrients.

In addition to different types of supplements like equine supplements, there are some online stores dealing with different types of farm products and even grooming supplies as well. In addition, they have different types of products like whips, treats, stable products, shampoo and conditioners, horse wear products and first aid products for the animals.

Generally, the equine is known to be rich in Vitamin E content and this food can make your horse to be energetic and he can perform well and can earn you good money from competitions. Not only for this purpose, but if you are growing a pony just as a hobby or as a pet animal, when the right kind of foods are provided she can lead a healthier and active life and even some of the online stores are dealing with first aid products as well.